Project Type

Four pitched roof dormers, 2 bedrooms and en suite

Project Description

1A Millbank, is a large detached house with an existing trussed roof, with such a large house there is potentially a lot of weight when constructing the loft so in this instance we fitted the steel within the loft through an opening at the front of the house so that we could fit the new supporting walls and floor joists from one end of the house to the other. This is a specialist job and should only be done by competent loft specialists, there are four pitched roof dormers to this conversion. Pitched dormers need a minimum height for construction and offer a minimal gain in space to the loft, as the photographs show you can make use of the dormers for the stairwell, the wet room to en suite, and to give full height standing room and a traditional window to each side of the bedroom.

Additional extras

Wet room to en suite, Daikin air conditioning unit, pipe work and fittings for a kitchenette, floating balcony, double door to 1st floor master bedroom.

Approximate Cost

£50,000 - £55,000

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