Cost Chart, Low - High * - *****

Rear Dormer Conversion - **

A rear dormer conversion is when you form a box section out of your existing roof structure. This is the best way to maximise the space in your loft . . .

It is only possible to have the above conversion if your top of ridge is a minimum of 2.3 meters high.

This is an economical option and maximises the space.

Front & Side Dormer Conversion - ***

This is when you pitch a dormer to the rear of the property as bedroom space, and a dormer to the side to allow for the staircase. This is relevant when you have a hipped roof and your top of ridge is a minimum of 2.6 meters high.

This is a more expensive option than a gable up and flat roof dormer, and gives reduced size but some clients find this more aesthetically pleasing.

Hip to Gable / Gable up Conversion - ** - ****

This is when your roof is hipped and you remove the hip and build it up to a Gable end. This will allow you to then add a full width rear dormer, velux only or pitched dormers.

Velux Only - *

Velux only is when you keep your existing roof structure and add Velux windows.

This is the least expensive way to convert your loft.

For more information please click here to visit the velux website.

Cut & Pitch Conversion - ***

Cut & Pitch conversions are when we build a dormer with a pitched roof.

For this you need a minimum of 2.6 meters to top of ridge.

This is a more expensive than a flat roof dormer construction but can add character and space to your property. This is a particularly suitable for larger properties.

Mansard Conversion - ***

A Mansard conversion is when your roof structure has two different degrees of pitch, this allows more useable space within your conversion. This would normally involve removing you existing roof and repitching as a Mansard.